Great snow, good visibility, and 'maximum-turns'!

24 February 2010

We enjoyed another outstanding morning of powder skiing, and again the visibility this morning was much better than expected. TJ, Chris and I headed back to the Fornet as it was so good yesterday and because we were also hoping for decent light, which fortunately we had all morning long. My team had a high-quality ‘maximum-turn’ session starting with some nice warm-up tracks off the Laisinant, followed by two good runs off the Pyramides. From there we were first into the Grand Vallon for a cracking good run, followed by a lovely Combe du Signal en-route to the Glacier. We then skied a brilliant Pays Desert before going over the Col Pers for our finale. TJ took his initiation group over the Col right away for first tracks and they’ve really come on over the past couple of days. Andreas skied the Borsat, Chardonnet and Sache with his family-team, which featured 9-year-old Hugo. Well done Hugo as that is some serious skiing! Henry was skiing couloirs in Tignes with a team of Vikings while Thomas too was skiing exceptionally good snow Tignes-way. Gill and her friend Niki took Millie and Katie out this morning and they didn’t arrive home until 1:45, which is a massive ski for Katie’s little legs. Well done Katie! Twenty-five cm’s of snow are forecast but unfortunately the wind is suppose to howl, so we’ll hope for the best and wait and see what tomorrow brings.

Sports Report- Bad news for the Hammers but we weren’t really expecting anything from the game. We’ve six home games left, all of which we can win, and our fate will be decided in those games. I must say that I’m very pleased with Canada’s performance in the Olympics so far, and we still have some medal chances to come. Oh Canada!

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