Better than expected weather resulting in another wonderful day!

25 February 2010

The forecast for this morning called for 80+kph winds and grey overcast skies, but we settled instead for mostly blue skies and sunshine with very little wind. We all took full advantage of the unexpected conditions and enjoyed another outstanding morning. After two-days at the Fornet TJ and I headed to Tignes for a change of pace and TJ’s initiation team skied an excellent Sache. My team skied the Borsat en-route to the Motte where we skied three fantastic runs on my shoulder off the Leisse. We left three sets of perfect tracks without seeing another skier before skiing a very good Cairn on the way down, where I met Peter B from the Ski Club whose team had left some lovely ‘Alpine’ tracks and skied really well. Bravo Peter and team! My team then went up the Col des Ves to ski the ‘Hourglass’ Couloir on the Balme before finishing with the Familial. Tony was exhausted after another ‘maximum-turn’ session and will be looking forward to his weekend off before starting up again next week. Well done Tony! Thomas also skied in Tignes and started with the Lavachet before heading into the Sache while Andreas skied at the Fornet with John D, who invited Richard Finlay along. They had a great morning skiing the shoulder in the Combe du Signal before being first over the Col Pers, followed by the Vallonnet and another Combe du Signal. Nice one boys! It’s great to see Richard out again and we should get him out skiing more often. (I’m not too sure what Henry was up to but he was skiing today as well. Gill, Niki, Millie and Katie skied for four-plus hours again this morning without stopping for a hot chocolate. They’ve had a wonderful two-weeks of fun and will be in for a shock next Monday when school starts again. Chris and Suzanne are off to Normandy and England for a little break before the big push towards the end of the season. It started snowing again around 3PM and I did hear we may get as much as 30 to 40 cm’s. (I’d be happy with 15 to 20 but we’ll take what we get) Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

Sports Report- It’s a big night for the Canadian Women’s Ice Hockey team as they take on the Americans in the Gold Medal game. We’ve also an excellent chance for Gold in the Men’s and Women’s Curling as well as the Men’s Hockey and we could end up topping the table for Gold Medals, although the Americans will finish with the most combined Medals. Come on ladies!

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