The best 'stinker' of the season!

26 February 2010

At 6:30 this morning the wind was howling and I thought that perhaps we’d be shut down today because of the weather, but by 8 o’clock the wind had died down, the snow had stopped, and the visibility was decent. TJ headed towards the Fornet hoping for the best while Thomas and Andreas started by the Olympic and I went up Solaise. My team skied a very good Solaise on-piste with 20+cm’s on top before heading up Bellevarde, and by time we arrived at the summit the wind was picking up and it was snowing again. Andreas and I then skied Bonnevie’s Drag four times in excellent snow before cutting under the Mont Blanc Chair where my team skied another four runs. We then skied to the bottom and by the time we arrived at the top of the Funival the wind had really started to blow again and lifts were closing down, leaving us with only Bonnevie’s Drag where we skied another couple of runs before skiing to the bottom and calling it a day around 12:45. TJ had a good ski as well off the Pyramides at the Fornet before circling back to join us on Bellevarde. The Borsat, the Fontaine Froide and Tommeuses never opened at all this morning and considering the wind and lack of options it was a thoroughly enjoyable morning. The forecast for this afternoon was for another 25cm’s of snow and winds of up to 100kph. (Needless to say we had the best of the day!) Gill had Millie and Katie out again this morning and they braved the elements until noon, which was impressive. I’m not too sure what Thomas skied this morning as I never heard from him but I’m sure he had a good morning as well.
Hopefully the weather will calm down a little for tomorrow as some sunshine is forecast and Saturday is always the quietest day of the week.

PS Avalanche risk has been posted at 4/5.

PSS Late breking news. Two Pisteurs were killed in the Savoie today by dynamite while blasting for avalanche control.

Sports Report- Well done Team Canada for winning the Woman’s Ice Hockey Gold Medal for the third-straight Olympics. Hopefully the Men can win as well, good luck to the Curlers, and come on you Hammers!

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