Bright skies and terrific skiing!

27 February 2010

The forecast gave us hope for some decent light this morning but the sun was out in full-force and we profited from clear skies until around noon, when the light started to slowly deteriorate. It was a bit of a start-stop beginning to the morning as the Olympic didn’t open straight away (turned out to be electrical problems when we were told they wouldn’t open for 60-minutes due to blasting) so we all headed up Solaise to ski an excellent Super L. The Laisinant Express was still closed so Andreas and TJ bussed up to the Fornet where they skied off the Pyramides before skiing the Combe du Signal several times before TJ went over the Col Pers. (Not too sure what all Andreas skied) Meanwhile I returned to Bellevarde to ski a lovely trackless Tour du Charvet, after which Richard H decided to call it a morning with a big grin on his face. Down to just myself and Mark W I decided to take advantage of a small team and we skied the Face du Charvet, which was fantastic but deeper than expected and had the heart pumping! It’s always wonderful ambience out there and Mark really enjoyed it. Thomas had a group of boarders and he spent a great morning on the Arcelle, Marmottons, and Cugnai, all of which are very impressive slopes. Bravo Thomas! Gill, Niki, Millie and Katie headed off to Les Brevieres this morning for lunch and they still aren’t back at 2:35, which means they’re having a massive ski. It’s Katie’s first trip that way and it’s a big ski for such a little person. A few centimetres of snow are forecast tonight with 60kph winds but the wind should die down by morning for my first day-off of the season. Yahoo!

PS Katie did her first Black Run today, skiing the Trolles down into Tignes Le Lac. Well done Katie!

Sports Report- It was a great day for Canada at the Olympics yesterday as we won two Gold, one Silver and one Bronze, while the Men made it through to the Gold Medal Ice Hockey game against the USA. I’ve the weekend off as the Hammers don’t play so I’m relaxing and watching the Rugby.

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