The Gorges de Malpasset claims another life!

01 March 2010

After two consecutive days of 4/5 avalanche risk and strong winds and very warm temperatures the risk was dropped to 3/5 this morning, which I found surprising. Anyway, after the wind and the heat the snow on most slopes was very compressed, but the best of it was very creamy and lovely to ski. We all headed towards the Fornet, mostly for safety reasons, and we ended up with some excellent skiing amongst surprisingly few people. TJ, Andreas and I all warmed-up off the Laisinant en-route the Combe du Signal followed by the Pays Desert before skiing the best of the morning in the Col Pers. Around noon someone set off a plaque in the Combe du Signal and I feel for whoever it was as it was pretty bad luck as compared to being in a silly place. I then returned to Bellevarde to have a look at the rest of the mountain and I must say we made the most of it this morning as the rest of the resort seemed to have less soft snow than the Fornet. (I finished off the Verte followed by a good Familial.) It was Millie and Katie’s first day back to school and Niki and Gill enjoyed a great morning skiing with TJ. Thanks Niki for taking such good care of the girls this past week and they’ll really miss you! It looks as if we’ll get some sunshine in the morning, which would help enormously as being able to ‘read’ the snow will be important tomorrow and over the next few days if it doesn’t snow.

Tragic news- The Gorges de Malpasset claimed its second victim of the season today as a German was killed late this afternoon. A father, brother and two sons were trying to pass through the gorge after being warned against it, and they eventually needed to climb up to the summer path to avoid the rushing water. The father then slipped and fell back down over a cliff to his death. I’m not sure if he was killed by the impact or whether he fell into the water. About six-weeks ago a Frenchman was swept into the water by a small sluff and drowned. (I’ve reported the story as I’ve heard it but it should be fairly accurate.)

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