A few centimetres of fresh snow makes the difference!

02 March 2010

About five centimetres of fresh snow lay on the terrace this morning and immediately I felt we were in for a good morning. The new cushion would make a huge difference as many slopes had a firm-ish base underneath that would support nicely with the fresh snow on top. It was snowing lightly as we set off but it was forecast to start to clear up by mid-morning so although the visibility was decent we were hoping for better light by the time we arrived in the Sache. TJ, Andreas and I all warmed-up off the Verte before skiing a pretty good Borsat. TJ then went upstairs towards the Motte and had some great skiing around the Cairn while Andreas and I had a surprisingly good ski in the Chardonnet. There was an unexpected 20 to 25cm’s of good powder and we profited with an excellent descent. Just as we arrived at the Col to enter the Sache it started to clear and after the first slope, which was good but a little tricky, the sun broke through giving us blue skies for the rest of the morning. After the top pitch the snow improved drastically and we had brilliant snow all the way to the bottom. TJ’s team skied the Sachette before he and I finished with a lovely Familial. Andreas had two Vikings with him and they climbed up to ski the Familial via Mickey’s Ears. Meanwhile, Henry skied up at the Fornet and I’m sure he had a great morning as well. We had a beautiful sunny afternoon but the forecast is for cloudy skies tomorrow morning with a few centimetres of snow in the afternoon.

Correction on yesterday’s report- Yesterday’s accident in the Gorges de Malpasset turned out to be a father with three sons. It was one of the sons, a 43-year-old, who fell over a cliff from the summer path and was killed by the fall.

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