Still another potential 'stinker' avoided!

03 March 2010

It was overcast, windy, and fairly uninspiring, but we avoided the potential ‘stinker’ with a pretty good morning. Andreas and I opened up with the Borsat, which wasn’t as soft as yesterday but still supported and was a decent ski. From there we bussed around to the Palafour where we met TJ, and we all headed to the Sachette for some very satisfying snow that had been protected from the wind. I then ‘skinned’ for ten-minutes to get another pitch of lovely snow and it was Martin N’s first time with ‘skins’. He’s been a pleasure to have along this week and I’ve also had Graeme, his brother Andy and Andy’s wife Moira, who is a bit good really. I asked Andy if she raced as a kid and he just replied, “British Team”. We finished with the Familial and pushed out against the wind blowing down from the Fornet, which hopefully means a little more snow in that sector for tomorrow. Chris and Suzanne return Thursday night while TJ is preparing for his departure on Saturday. It’s been great having him around again and we’ll miss him when he’s gone. Jean R will also be back in a few days and hopefully he’ll be strong and confident enough to start off-piste again soon. The wind is forecast to die down by tomorrow and we may receive a few more flakes in the meantime, but overcast skies are also expected. Stay tuned! (I’m off to the pool with the girls now)

PS Thank-you for all the e-mails about Canada’s fine performance in the Olympics. Katie thinks it’s rather funny when I sing Oh Canada with outstetched arms and watery eyes. Bless Her!

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