A good day at the Fornet after yesterday's wind!

04 March 2010

We all headed up to the Fornet for a change of scenery, the better light, and towards yesterday’s storm hoping for a few extra centimetres of fresh snow. I started off in the Combe du Signal, which was pretty good before traversing over to the shoulder where we had some supporting soufflé doux followed by some softer snow to leave tracks in. From there we had an excellent run in 10cm’s from towards the top of the Pays Desert into the Combe du 3300. We then went over the Col with TJ’s team for a wind-compressed Col Pers then my team finished off with the Grand Vallon, which was better than expected with some nice strips of soft snow and some good ‘skiers’ snow. We skied a shoulder above the Cabin, which was about two-metres wide, and Moira showed her strength and technique with some lovely short-turns that were very impressive to watch. Bravo Moira! Andreas’ team skied the Col Pers, Vallonnet, and Grand Vallon and we haven’t seen much of Thomas as he’s been on a private all-week. Chris returns tonight and is working again tomorrow morning as TJ will be finishing his 4-week stay. We did have the best of the visibility this morning and it started to snow lightly this afternoon and hopefully it will continue before the forecasted sunshine and blue skies hopefully arrive for the morning. Fingers crossed!

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