Overcast and cold, but another good ski!

06 March 2010

At 6:30AM this morning it looked as if we were in for a beautiful sunny day but by ‘show-time’ the sky had become overcast. Still, we had enough visibility for a cracking good morning even with -15C in town a 8AM. Henry skied with Jonathan and Neil who took the overnight train, skied all day, watched the Fulham match at the Pacific, then taxied down to Bourg for the train home. Wow, fabulous effort boys! Andreas also has a cast of characters including Jerry, Jeremy and Ginger (Ginger‘s a bloke) and they skied the Borsat, Chardonnet, Sache and Cocaine Sud. Well done boys! My team skied the Altiport/Lavachet, Sachette and then the Familial while Chris was on-piste with Tejina and Claire. I skied this afternoon with the girls and tonight we had a great evening at the Perdrix for their friend Anna’s 5th birthday. They had a wonderful time, which help make up for the Hammer’s poor performance against Bolton. Hopefully it won’t cost Zola his job! Not sure about the weather tomorrow so we’ll wait and deal with whatever comes our way. A demain!

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