Toughest conditions of the season but no 'stinker'!

08 March 2010

We had a stunning day with no wind, clear blue skies and sunshine that had some warmth in it, and with the weather we’ve endured over the past few days it was very much appreciated. After spending several days in a row in Tignes, Thomas, Chris, Andreas and I decided on heading up to the Fornet for a change of scenery and the hope that there would be some soft snow in the gullies. At the top of the Laisinant Express the landscape looked lunar and we gave the Pyramides and Signal a miss and took the bubbles directly to the Pissaillas hoping for better conditions. Upstairs it looked slightly better but we knew then we wouldn’t be skiing powder snow for the first-time all season. We traversed out into the Pays Desert and the snow was much better than it looked as we skied strips of soufflé doux, which were quite pleasant. From there we went over the Col Pers and again skied nice strips of supporting snow and I skied my funky exit run above the gorge for ambience. Andreas and I then skied similar snow in the Vallonnet to finish. Chris ’skinned’ up to the Pointe Pers for the first time this season, and as you know the Pointe Pers is always atmospheric. Although we didn’t ski powder this morning, I enjoyed it and thought it was a pretty good ski with interesting slopes, great ambience and no people to speak of. Jean R will be back in action tomorrow as will Joy and Al, who haven’t skied for three seasons. Hopefully we’ll get another day of sunshine as no snow is forecast overnight.

PS Don’t worry, the only reason that we didn’t ski some form of powder is that we changed sectors because I’m a optimistic git and we needed a change of pace. We’ll be back to softer snow tomorrow.

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