A testing but satisfying morning!

09 March 2010

Fortunately the sun was shining again this morning, but Radio Val announced -11C at 8AM with gusting southerly winds of up to 80kph, and as you can imagine it was bloody cold! The reasonable thing to do was to stay low and as sheltered as possible so Thomas and I skied the Borsat then headed towards the Sachette via the bus. We were protected most of the time (especially in the bus) but the wind had managed to damage a few slopes. Still, we had some good powder up top before needing some supporting soufflé, then we had another lovely powder shot before a little ten-minute ‘skin’ accessed another nice slope. We realised how windy it really was on the way back to Les Tufs when it blew in our face all the way home. Chris ‘skinned’ to Mont Roup with Tejina but I haven’t had a report while Andreas’ plans altered after the Tommeuses Chairlift broke down. I’m not too sure what he skied although the last I heard he was heading towards the Sachette with his team of Vikings. Joy and Al are back, along with Clive, Jonathan S, Alex S, Catherine, Emmett , Fiona and Ian, and Ian N. (Sorry if I missed someone) It clouded over by around 1:30PM and as I write at 2 o’clock it looks as if it might start to snow soon. Fingers crossed although only a few centimetres are forecast.

PS Jean Ribart is back after his injury and so are his photos on the links page. Log-on and have a look.

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