A fabulous morning at the Fornet!

12 March 2010

It was another stunning day with brilliant sunshine, warm temperatures, no wind to speak of, and great skiing! Chris and I headed up to the Fornet and had a wonderful morning. My team started with a nice shoulder of soufflé doux in the Combe du Signal before joining Chris for a fantastic Pays Desert. We hiked up to start from as high as possible and both teams left perfect ‘Alpine’ tracks side-by-side in 20+cm’s of perfect powder. From there we stayed way out left for some more soufflé before ‘skinning’ up for ten-minutes to access the big slopes at the bottom, which were lovely powder snow. After ’skinning’ out my team finished with a good Vallonnet to round off a top morning. Andreas was back in action after two-days off and he had great skiing as well ski in Tignes with his team of Vikings. As far as I know they skied Mickey’s Ears, followed by the Balme, the Cocaine Nord, and the Familial to finish. Thomas was off and Henry has a week of privates, while JM and Olivier will be finishing up two excellent weeks in Norway. I had a good old fashion technique lesson with Joy, Al and Alex S this afternoon, and conditions were perfect with sun, well groomed pistes and very few people about. It was nice to be out enjoying the sunshine instead of hiding indoors from the cold and vicious winds of a few days back. More sunshine is forecast for the weekend and although some fresh snow would be welcome, no one is going to complain about another beautiful day or two.

PS Thanks Chris for taking Gill this morning.

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