Fun in the sun!

14 March 2010

The high-pressure system seems pretty well installed as we enjoyed another stunning sunny day. As it hasn’t snowed for awhile our options are getting more and more limited with each passing day but the team has responded and we’ve found the best skiing available during this ‘dry’ patch. Andreas and Chris went travelling today with Andreas skiing the Tour de Tarentaise while Chris went for a cruise to Italy for a lovely pasta lunch with Arlette, Francis, Ian and Fiona. The ‘Tour’ was a return for Clare Campbell who had a nightmare ski there 16-years ago but she had a great day out this time around. Andreas reported that a guided group had an accident on the Bellecote where someone went for a ‘whipper’ and either hit some rocks or went over a cliff, and needed to be evacuated by helicopter. The Bellecote is a scary place when the snow is firm, whether it be wind-blown or spring snow, and there are many places where staying on your feet is imperative. Anyway, Andreas’ team had a good and safe day out. Back in town my team had an excellent ski on the Crete du Genepy. We ‘skinned’ up for about 30-minutes then skied two nice pitches skiers-left of the ridge. The snow was between 3 to 5cm’s on a smooth base so it was pleasant skiing, almost spring-like. We then put our skins back on and climbed up again for 15-minutes before skiing skiers-right of the ridge where we had good snow all the way to the bottom. To finish we skied some smooth chalky soufflé in the Super L before cruising the L at fairly high speed. This afternoon Katie skied her first Familial with Millie and her friend Anna. She loved it and is doing really well for such a little person. Millie asked me in the middle of the Familial if I knew where I was, not knowing of course that I‘ve probably skied it a thousand times over the years. Anyway, she seemed quite relieved to find out I knew the way down! I then skied until 5:15 with Millie, Anna and Kiera after Gill skied Katie home. Clive missed the trip to Italy because he fell on the icy pavement yesterday and hurt himself quite badly. We’ve tried to find out how he is but there is no answer at his place, and I’m hoping that means he’s at the Blue Note having a drink with his son Mark. I’ll keep you posted when we get some news on Clive’s condition. Sun is still forecast for the next few days with the chance of snow nearer the weekend. Stay tuned!

PS I’ve just had a call from David R who reports that Clive is in the Bourg hospital with a fractured neck-of-femur and is awaiting surgery. Clive fell outside his apartment on the lethal icy pavements and crawled home, which took him quite some time. It’s a sad, sad situation for a much loved ‘Alpine’ faithful. We all wish him well and a full and speedy recovery.

I’m personally disgusted with the state of the pavements in this town and Clive isn’t the only one to suffer serious injury. Guy’s wife Christine broke her hip a couple of seasons ago and needed a hip replacement and people hurt themselves here on a regular basis. There are links to the Office of Tourism and the STVI on the ‘News’ page of the website if you’d like to voice your concerns.(It makes the ‘dog-shit’ situation, which is also foul, look rather insignificant.)

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