A great trip to Bonneval and some training in the steep!

15 March 2010

There was some unexpected cloud cover this morning but fortunately by 9:30-or-so it had burnt off leaving us another beautiful day. It was colder today as well and many of us were caught out having dropped a layer or two. Andreas’ team took a trip to Bonneval and had a great day out. They had some powder up top followed by spring snow towards the bottom, then a few powder turns in Bonneval after lunch. The pilot was nervous about some unexpected cloud cover moving in during the afternoon so Andreas’ team needed to fly home early but it didn’t dampen an excellent outing. Well done! Meanwhile, back in the resort Chris’ team had a lovely outing ‘skinning’ to the Crete du Genepy for some smooth spring-like support with a few centimetres on top followed by a short ‘skin’ towards Mont Roup to ski some powder on the northern-side. Good result JC! I went for a change of scenery and started with some nice soft snow on the front-side of the Borsat off the traverse, then back-tracked towards the Grande Motte. From the Motte we had a nice ski across the Rosolin before ’skinning’ up for a tour du Balme. The big face on the Balme has firmed up nicely and is excellent training for skiing the steep. I gave the couloirs a miss because of the ‘whipper’ factor as the couloirs have some rocks in the fall-line and falling could be disastrous. From there we had a few powder turns in the bowl off the Fresse followed by some more steep training under the lift in the Familial. More sunshine is forecast for tomorrow and we’re still finding good skiing. And a big Happy Birthday to David R!

Clive just phoned to say he’s in good spirits before his operation in Chambery tomorrow morning. (He was moved during the night from Bourg) He has a vertical fracture and needs three screws, and will need to be non-weight bearing for three-months, which as you can imagine he is not looking forward to. Clive will be in Chambery until at least the weekend, and I’ll keep you posted.

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