And the beat goes on!

16 March 2010

The sunshine continues, although for about twenty-minutes this morning it looked as if it might cloud over but it quickly cleared again, much to everyone’s delight. Chris took his team to the Sachette and enjoyed a nice mix of winter snow with some spring snow lower down followed by a good Familial to finish. Andreas ‘skinned’ up towards the Col des Barmes de l’ Ours with Peter and Clare C on their last morning, along with a couple of Norwegians. (Thomas and Andreas have done really well drumming up new business with the Scandinavians, well done boys!) Anyway, I thought I saw their tracks, which means they had a good ski down. Meanwhile, my team ’skinned’ up to the Crete du Genepy and we had a good mix of soft snow with a couple of spring snow pitches lower down. We then had some nice soufflé in the Super L and the shoulder front-side on the Borsat leading into some nice powder turns in the bowl off the Fresse. We then finished up with an excellent steep pitch under the chair into the Familial. The team have done a great job mixing it up and finding fantastic skiing considering the state of the resort. Bravo boys! I should know better than to congratulate ourselves while we’re still in motion but I do have confidence in the team. We have another few days to go before we get any relief falling from the sky, and even then very little is forecast over the weekend.

Clive had his operation this morning and Mark said that it went well. I’ve tried to get in touch with Clive this afternoon but could only leave a message.

PS. I forgot to mention that another skier fell into the gorge a couple of days ago but fortunately they were rescued without serious injury.

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