Wow! The best non-powder day in ages!

19 March 2010

There was early morning cloud cover that quickly disappeared giving us another gorgeous day. The forecast was for maximum temperatures of 10C at 2000m’s, and it didn’t take long to feel the effects of the warmest day of the season. Chris and I headed towards the Motte via a very good Borsat, and already we could sense that the warmth was giving the snow a lovely ‘feel’. We went upstairs on the cable-car and had a great run skiers-right down to the Leisse and eye-balled the newly formed couloirs at the end of the Glacier, which looked incredibly inviting. I went back up to think about it (as we’ve never skied there before) and when Chris arrived he dove straight in to find fantastic ambience and snow quality. (I came back around for a second run up top then skied the couloir as well.) The snow supported because it was wind-compressed but with the heat of the sun it felt like perfect spring snow. We had a short ‘skin’ out and will definitely pass that way again one day! We then skied some nice soft snow across the Glacier en-route to the ’Wall’, which has become a bit of a forgotten place. The entrance was easy enough and the ski down and into the Combe des Lanches was brilliant. Steep and smooth with a perfect texture that you could really relax and attack in, if so inclined. The steep pitch in the Familial was a great finish and I thought it was an outstanding outing and one of the best non-powder days I can remember in a long time. Andreas had a wonderful day as well with his Viking Team as they skied Lorenzo’s Couloir, the Sache, the Balme, and then the Familial to finish. Rain is forecast for tomorrow but the rain/snow limit is around 2000m’s, which means we should be in for a long-awaited fresh canvas. ( Although I’d take another sunny day and similar ski today as it was stunning)

Penny and I went down the valley to visit Clive, who looks well, is in good spirits, but is really looking forward to going home. Hopefully he’ll be on his way tomorrow. Good luck Clive!

I forgot to mention the accident at the dreadful Folie Douce where a huge speaker fell off its perch and landed on top of a party-person down below. The injured person needed to be helicopter away and was intensive care for a few days. In another accident, the skier injured on the Bellecote last week fractured their skull and five vertebrae. She is a British physic and apparently it was her first time off-piste. I’ll keep you posted if I hear anymore news on those accidents.

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