Madness on the Banane!

22 March 2010

There was a light re-freeze overnight, which set-up the support layer nicely allowing us a cracking good ski this morning. The visibility was excellent all morning long, which made the difference and we could ski at a pretty good pace. We all headed to the Fornet as it was necessary to remain at altitude and skied the Combe du 3300 and a couple in the Pays Desert before finishing with a very good Grand Vallon. It was nice to have Thomas back after a week’s holiday with his girlfriend Muriel. Muriel had a bad case of frost-bite and hasn’t skied for a month and may well miss the rest of the season. She was getting cabin-fever sitting around while Thomas skied everyday so he took her to the south of France for a break. Bravo Thomas! Olivier showed up at the Gourmandine this morning and he’s heading off to make home at the Refuge des Fours for the next few nights. Good luck Oli with a few good cold nights! I had a new client Gerald this morning, and at 71-years-of-age Gerald can really ski. Well done Gerald! Gill and I watched Katie’s cross-country skiing up at the Manchet this afternoon and witnessed five avalanches. We walked down from Le Chatalard and one came down directly above us and after watching it for a few seconds we decided to move just in case. It didn’t reach the road but for a moment or two we weren’t too sure. There was an Italian lady behind us who was clapping her hands with glee as she’d never seen an avalanche before and we well impressed. We also watched in astonishment as three idiots skied the Banane at 2:30. About 15-minutes later a good piece of the Banane dropped off not too far from were they were skiing. Incredible really! A slightly colder night is forecast with a couple of sunny days ahead. Hopefully it will start to freeze properly sooner than later as quite a few spring slopes are dropping off the mountain, taking away spring snow options later in the season. (It’s also a pain when you need to traverse across avalanche debris) Cross your fingers for some cold nights and stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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