Hot, hot, hot!

23 March 2010

We had a slightly better re-freeze last night, which opened up some options but many slopes are still in transition somewhere between powder and spring. Chris and Thomas ‘skinned’ up to the Glacier Pers for some nice powder up top before needing to change angles for supporting snow towards the bottom. Good result boys! Andreas and I went straight over the Col Pers and skied some powder on the first long pitch before needing to head to the sunny-side in search of spring. (I exited via my funky route above the gorge for the ambience and Chris followed suit at the end of his morning) Andreas and I had planned on skiing the Vallonnet next but the bottom looked pretty unpleasant so we changed our minds. Andreas went back up to the Pissaillas to ski the Pays Desert way-out wide and ‘skinned’ out while I headed to Bellevarde to ski the Familial and Spatule. Unfortunately Gill has hurt her back and has been house-bound the past few days and hasn’t been able to do anything let alone ski. She now has some drugs and will continue to rest for a couple more days at the very least. Thanks to Joy and Al for taking the girls home for tea tonight so Gill can rest. Another sunny day is forecast for tomorrow but the weather is changing and we should get some more snow by Friday.

Sports Report- It is a massive night for the Hammers tonight as we take on Wolves at home, in a must win game. We then have Stoke at home on Saturday and a minimum of four-points is needed to ease the pressure. Losing really isn’t an option!

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