Following the sun!

24 March 2010

It looked to be a sunny start but the Foehn started to blow and the clouds began to roll in from the Fornet by the time we left the Gourmandine. We all headed towards the sun and skied some nice spring snow off the Fresse while waiting for Tommeuses to open, followed by the Little Lavachet. From there we skied an excellent Sachette with a few soft-snow turns up top before turning to lovely spring snow all the way to the bottom. The clouds finally blocked out our sun around noon on the way up from Les Boisses but we finished with a very good Familial to top off a great morning. I had a few mishaps during our outing with Gerald taking out Jean on a nice spring pitch early on, then Joy noodled herself and smacked her head and lost her water bottle, which flew out of her backpack and slid away forever, then Jean crashed on the piste, and to top it off Colin hurt his knee and ankle about 100 metres from Les Tufs. I said, “Never congratulate yourself while you’re still in motion”, and he replied, “I wasn’t, I was thinking about sex!”. Then he said, “At least I didn’t break my cock!”. Hopefully he’ll be able to ski tomorrow as it was a nasty looking fall. Meanwhile Thomas had a good outing ‘skinning’ up towards the Crete du Genepy and Henry was heading towards the Col des Fours and Lores. Hopefully the clouds didn’t spoil Henry’s day as it was pretty socked-in around that sector. I skied with Millie and Katie this afternoon as Gill rested and that’s about it for today. I won’t mention the Hammers and the weather for tomorrow doesn’t look great either. Stay tuned!

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