Wow! What an adventure!

26 March 2010

It was +6C in the village at 8AM again this morning but believe me, it was a winter’s day at altitude! Henry, Chris and I headed to the Fornet to try to take advantage of the falling and blowing snow in that sector over the past twenty-four hours, and we weren’t disappointed. We were rewarded immediately with a nice cushion and a good warm-up ski in the Combe du Signal en-route to the Glacier. The plan was to ski a Pays Desert or two before going over the Col but the T-Bar was having technical problems and closed for the day, so Chris and I decided to go over the Col and ‘skin’ to the Glacier Pers. At this moment in time the visibility was decent and as soon as we passed the Col we knew the skiing would be good as 10 to 15cm’s of fresh snow had already accumulated. But by the time we arrived at the top of the Glacier Pers it had really started to snow, the wind was getting up, we couldn’t see a thing, and we knew it was going to get interesting. The Glacier Pers is a comfortable ski in flat-light because it doesn’t have any nasty surprises, which allows you to relax, let your skis find the fall-line, and really let yourself go. There was at least twenty centimetres to ski and although we were skiing blind it was excellent. Once down off the main pitch we needed to ‘feel’ our way over the hump to ski the next gulley before turning left to find our way back to civilization. We followed the contours and it took us quite some time to arrive back in the Col Pers where we skied some more good turns before climbing up to the Grand Torsai. From there down we found lovely gullies of soft snow and skied to the bottom without really feeling the hard frozen base. It was a fantastic ‘travelling-safely-in-the-mountains’ adventure with great teamwork as well as a cracking good ski, and we finally arrived at the Fornet Cable Car a 1:40 with some hungry skiers. It was a wonderful finale for Joy and Al, as well as Gerald, who has just completed his first off-piste week at 71-years-of-age. Bravo Gerald! Henry also had a great morning skiing the Combe du Giant before heading over the Col Pers, and I haven‘t heard what else Henry skied. Unfortunately the sun came out about 2:15 and many slopes will have taken some heat as well as being heavily skied, but a fresh canvas is awaiting!

Sports Report- After losing our last ‘must-win’ game, tomorrow’s must-win game against Stoke has become one of the most important games in the Hammers recent history. Come on boys!

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