As good as it gets!

28 March 2010

Another 30 cm’s fell overnight on top of yesterday’s fresh snow and with decent visibility we profited from a ‘maximum-turn’ session of the highest quality. We were first just about everywhere we skied and we started with a superb non-stop on Solaise. On the way down the gun-barrel at the bottom we had cheers of encouragement from the chairlift as snow was flying up behind us. Next up was a very good Face du Bellevarde before skiing a fantastic Super L en-route to the Fornet. (Gideon was caught out by the time-change but caught up with us for the Super L) After a good run off the Laisinant Express we skied a great run under the bubbles from the Pyramides before skiing the Combe du Signal on our way to the Pissaillas. We then skied two excellent runs in the Combe du 3300 and finished with a fabulous Combe du Signal. Everyone’s legs were shot by the end as we didn’t stop all morning long and it will be a day long remembered. (Andreas was back after a couple of days off and what a return to action, and Tansy managed to ski as well because of a cancellation, while Thomas and Chris were also in the same sector.) Jean Marc has arrived to do a week’s touring in and around Val d’Isere, as Olivier did last week. It snowed lightly during the afternoon and a little sunshine is forecast for tomorrow morning, which is good really as too much sun ruins the snow rather quickly. Stay tuned!

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