The most difficult morning of the season!

30 March 2010

It was never going to be an easy morning but we made the best of it in pretty tough conditions. The forecast was for Foehn winds of up to 100kph, which ruled out the Fornet, and 30cm’s of snow starting this afternoon. We all headed to Tignes hoping for the best and with flat-light it didn’t make life any easier. As soon as we tested the snow off the Verte it was evident that yesterday’s heat had done some damage and I decided after the Borsat to head upstairs to the Grande Motte in search of some winter snow. Chris and I tried our shoulder off the Leisse, which was winter snow and pretty good, but it was testing navigation-wise as we started off in a cloud and couldn’t see much at all. From there we had a nice 85-turn pitch of soft creamy-type snow on the Rosolin before ‘skinning’ up to the Tour du Balme, which gave us an atmospheric mission for the day. (See Jean’s photo’s) The tongue of the glacier was good winter snow that turned from supporting on top to 20cm’s of fresh snow towards the bottom, followed by a nice winded-shoulder in the gully, then some surprisingly good powder on the big face to finish. Chris skied the Hour-glass Couloir with James B, who was having an initiation to Alpine Experience, and what an experience he had this morning. Well done James as it was probably the most difficult day of the season and you seemed to have really enjoyed the outing! I’m not too sure what the rest of the boys skied but everyone was doing their best prodding around in the flat-light trying to ‘feel’ something soft to ski. Bravo boys and well done to all who participated this morning. Chris carried on this afternoon with Chris and his sons Joe and Sam, and as I write at 3PM it’s snowing hard and the visibility up on the mountain must be zero. Good luck Chris and team! Grey skies are forecast for the morning but the wind should calm down and if we receive 30 centimetres of snow, all will be forgiven.

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