Absolutely brilliant!

31 March 2010

After a tough but enjoyable outing yesterday we were rewarded with a stunner this morning. Chris and I headed to Tignes as we’d skied the Fornet four-days-in-a-row (besides yesterday) for a change of pace. The plan was to ski the Borsat then bus towards the Sache but that quickly changed after testing the snow. After a good warm-up off the Verte I cut underneath the Borsat chairlift and was surprised at how much snow had accumulated on the lee-side, realising that slopes that would have been avoided like the plague yesterday were loaded up with snow deposited mainly by the wind. After a good Borsat we then skied a lovely Col du Palet before hitting the jack-pot on the Motte, where we skied my shoulder three-times in outstanding snow. The top was slightly compressed but as it became steeper we had a good 30 to 40cm’s of light winter-powder, but the best was yet to come. On the way down from the Motte the steep slopes off the Genepy were even deeper, with 50cm’s that sent snow up into the face with each turn. (I even had my tape-measure out to make sure I wasn’t exaggerating) We then finished off with a ski-able Familial to top off a great morning. Chris had 12-year-old Christian who skied really well, as did Tony, while Richard and Sharon did the business as well. Meanwhile Thomas, Andreas, Henry and Jean Marc all went up to the Fornet and had a fantastic time skiing ‘classics’. Henry started off in the L and between them they skied the Combe du Signal, Grand Vallon. Combe du 3300, Pays Desert and Col Pers. Ray helped me with Millie and Katie this afternoon as we skied in falling snow, which bodes well for tomorrow. It’s snowed all afternoon and we should have enough snow by morning to cover all of today’s tracks giving us another fresh canvas. Stay tuned!

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