Another cracker!

01 April 2010

There was just enough visibility again today to navigate, and the lack of direct sunlight kept the snow cold giving us another extraordinary morning in an extraordinary season. We seem to be the only ones in town who are not disappointed with the lack of sunshine. However, it is fatiguing leading in flat-light day after day, but the reward being this quality of snow more than makes up for it. Jean Marc, Thomas, Andreas, Henry, Chris, and I (not a bad line-up if I say so myself after a few glasses) all headed up to the Fornet for yet another wonderful ski. I started off with a Super L en-route to the main event. We then skied two fantastic runs in the deep and steep in the Combe du Signal, and the fact that we couldn’t see didn’t matter too much. From there we skied two excellent Combe du 3300‘s, followed by two great runs in the Pay Desert. We had some bright patches mid-morning that were totally appreciated and used to the maximum advantage. All the boys skied similar runs with JM and Chris heading over the Col Pers, well done boys! Thomas, Chris, Andreas and I were all out again this afternoon and I had 17-year-old Alex for New York who skied much better than his initiation billing. Bravo Alex! These last few days have been a well deserved reward for the ‘Alpine’ team and clients who weathered the three-week dry patch that was testing, but at the same time we had some great skiing although not the powder snow we seek each day. Sun is forecast for tomorrow morning followed by more snow, so stay tuned for more powder news!

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