Running out of superlatives!

02 April 2010

The sun finally showed itself but fortunately it was -10C in the village this morning and it never really warmed up that much at altitude. Jean Marc, Henry, Thomas, and Andreas all headed towards Tignes for a change of scenery and had a fantastic ski around the Motte. JM had a ‘maximum-turn’ session skiing the Borsat, the Leisse from the top of the cable-car, Wayne’s shoulder twice, the Cairn, the Chardonnet, the Sache and I’m sure they probably skied the Familial on the way back for a 2 o’clock finish. Nice one JM and great to have you back in town! Meanwhile, Chris and I went back to the Fornet skiing a great warm-up off the Laisinant Express before skiing an excellent steep shot in the Combe du Signal before cutting onto the shoulder. We then skied two beautiful runs in the Pays Desert where we found Kaye and Steven leaving lovely ‘Alpine’ tracks. Speaking of tracks, Chris’ team was on fire leaving absolutely perfect ‘Alpine’ signatures behind them. Bravo to Tilly and James R, Chris, Joe, and Sam, and Andy and his 12-year-old son Christian. Impressive! Both teams then went over the Col Pers for a great finish to another wonderful day. Gideon said, “I’m running out of superlatives to describe the skiing, you can only try to describe amazing so many times”. The weather is forecast to close in again tomorrow with more snow to come. Hopefully it will stay cold as this type of powder at this time of year, day after day, is a bit special. Log-on for more news tomorrow.

PS. I forgot to mention that John Ellis slipped on some ice in Bourg and chipped a bone on his hip. Fortunately it’s not too serious and hopefully he’ll be able to ski. Please do pay attention the streets are still nasty!

Breaking news from JC- Apparently 11 people were rescued from the gorge this afternoon. With skiers touring and heading down to the refuge people are following their tracks and ending up in all sorts of trouble. I think there is a lesson to be learned there, n’est pas?

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