A great morning in more difficult conditions!

03 April 2010

We awoke to clear skies that were totally unexpected as the forecast was for flat-light and light snow. It did cloud over fairly quickly but we did have enough visibility all morning long to make the most of the conditions. With traffic tracking out slopes and the heat taking away other options we didn’t have the same opportunities as the past few days, but we did manage a pretty good morning. We all headed to the Fornet to stay high and as north as possible as after yesterday’s sunshine anything else wouldn’t work. Both Jean Marc and Chris ‘skinned’ to the Glaciers Pers for some wonderful snow while Thomas, Henry, Andreas and I skied an excellent Pays Desert out-wide. I ‘skinned’ for about ten-minutes to access the last big slope down to the poma and it’s a good reward for very little effort. The teams then dove over the Col Pers for a very good finish and we all managed clean snow, even after yesterday’s onslaught. Andreas had 13-year-old Rory C this morning and Rory did the business. Well done Rory! I had a great afternoon skiing with Millie and we covered a lot of ground in a short time. It started to snow lightly around noon and has continued all afternoon, which is good news, and it should keep snowing through the night.

Sports Report- Thank-you to Stoke for beating Hull and to Arsenal for sneaking past Wolves. And appreciated help in the late game as Burnley were thrashed 6-1 by Man City as City leap-frog Tottenham for 4th place. Most neutrals will also be pleased with Chelsea’ s 2-1 win over United, which makes the race for the title much more interesting. Time for bed after too many glasses at Chez Penny!

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