Flat-light but another great ski!

04 April 2010

We enjoyed a bonus morning of great skiing today as it was looking a little gloomy at the Gourmandine. It didn’t start snowing until around 6AM and we weren’t expecting too much but we had a pleasant surprise when arriving upstairs to a lovely cushion of new snow, ranging from 10 to 30cm’s depending on the exposition. Andreas, Chris and I chose Tignes as we’ve spent quite a few days Fornet-way of late, while Henry and Jean Marc headed to the Fornet. We had lovely warm-up off the Verte and knew immediately that we were in for a good morning and from there we skied a fantastic Borsat from the middle entrance while Andreas hiked to the top. Chris and I then skied the big face of the Balme, which was atmospheric but not quite as good as we were hoping for. We then went upstairs for a very good run off the Leisse, followed by an excellent Genepy and a nice Familial with the best visibility of the morning to finish. After the Borsat Andreas skied the Chardonnet, the Familial and a Little Spatule. JM and Henry had wonderful skiing at the Fornet but didn’t have much luck with the visibility until the end of the morning. Gill has had a relapse with her back and can hardly stand up forcing her to miss dinner at Laura’s tonight. She hasn’t skied in two-weeks and was just starting to think she might be able to start within a few days, but……. Sunshine is forecast for tomorrow, which will be appreciated but we’ll find out how many people are lurking about the resort.

PS. Great photos thanks Jean!

Sports Report- What a vital point for the Hammers playing away to a very good Everton side. After being a goal down twice the boys battled back for a well deserved draw. Bravo Zola!

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