A good result on a 'transition' day!

07 April 2010

After a cloudy start it cleared leaving us with great visibility for most of the morning. It was an in-between day, meaning the spring slopes haven’t yet properly transformed and many of the powder slopes are starting to crust over, but we came up with a pretty good result. I started off with a creamy shoulder on the Borsat before finding a little powder pitch way-out left in the Borsat Nord. From there we bussed around to join Andreas, Thomas, and Chris in the Sachette, and as usual the Sachette came through. We skied a lovely powder pitch up top followed by a few more winter-snow pitches mixed with some warm spring snow, all of which worked nicely. Andreas and I finished up in the Familial while Chris skied the Spatule, and everyone finished a good morning around 12:30-ish. Jean R had the day off so sorry to say there will be no photos today, but Jean is back skiing tomorrow. Jean Marc ‘skinned’ to the Col des Fours and had a pretty good day as well with Jeremy Cole’s team. I had a short ski this afternoon with Millie, Katie, Anthony Ellis, and Natasha (John & Margaret’s grand-daughter). The reason it was short was Katie’s tantrum so thank-you Anthony and Dawn for continuing on with Millie. A murky grey day is forecast for the morning with a light freeze, so wish us luck!

PS. Stephen took a few photos, which Jean has kindly posted. Merci boys!

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