Finally on the 132nd day of the season- the dreaded stinker!

08 April 2010

Wow! What a tough morning. It was +3.5C in the village at 8AM and it was overcast with very little chance of the sunlight getting through to soften the spring slopes, and yesterday’s heat ruined what was left of the powder. Everyone tried to come up with a solution with some heading to altitude while some chanced mid to lower altitude. After our normal test off the Verte I tried a patch in the Borsat that was lovely powder yesterday but it had totally ‘turned’ so I decided to try spring snow at lower altitudes. The only places I could think of that would be ‘clean’ were the Cocaine Sud and the Sachette and I was hoping for a little sun poking through a the millimetre of fresh stuff last night to help soften the surface a little. First shock was the state of the traverse into the Cocaine. It had slid yesterday afternoon and we had some nasty snowballs and debris to negotiate. (I warned Chris so he came underneath and avoided the rough-stuff) Once on the slope it was smooth but firm and we had a good ski taking it easy in the flat-light. From there we tried the Sachette, which supported on the sunny-side but no-where else. We tried our best but all in all it was the toughest morning of the season and difficult to put too positive a spin on it. The weather is forecast to clear overnight so hopefully we’ll have better conditions with a good freeze and some sunshine in the morning.

I forgot to mention that a British boarder was taken over the cliff in the bottom of the ‘Couloir-to-Nowhere’ by a small avalanche at around 4:45 in the afternoon on Tuesday. I’m not too sure if he’s still alive but he was in very bad shape. We also witnessed a helicopter winching an injured man out of the Piste Perdue this morning. It was impressive flying as the pilot was hovering with his blades very close to the rocks and trees on either side. (Unfortunately Jean had gone home via the Olympique and missed the best photo opportunity of the day.)

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