An outrageous finish to Gideon's season, and three priceless points!

10 April 2010

For the second consecutive day the sun shone after a good freeze, and I must say it was the best spring day I can remember in a long, long, time. My team ‘skinned’ up Mont Roup along with Henry’s gang and I cut a traverse through the avalanche rubble to the steep slopes on the far side skiers-left. The slopes out there are very steep and with perfectly ‘clean’ spring snow it was impressive as well as fabulous skiing. At the bottom Jean said it was perhaps the best Mont Roup he’s ever skied, including in powder and that’s quite an accolade as we’ve all enjoyed some stunning powder days on Mont Roup. Coming out through the gorge at the bottom we came upon Maurice the fox who has twigged that being fed by skiers is easier than hunting. Incredible! (Check Jean’s photos) Henry’s team and mine both stopped for 20 minutes-or-so for a drink to allow the Cugnai to soften, and we were rewarded with a great ski. (Nice sniff Henry) Henry then circled back for another while I skied a passage between the Marmottons and Marmottes that I spotted with my binoculars yesterday afternoon while watching Millie’s school’s cross-country outing. It was brilliant as well and Henry finished off with a similar run. It was a stunning finish to Gideon’s season and an incredibly satisfying outing. Andreas skied with Derek and his son Gregor and they had a great ski in Tignes. I’m not too sure what they skied but I know they were still at the Folie Douce around 4PM after a good lunch and a bottle or three of wine. Nice one boys! Thomas is skiing with Adam P’s kids and is mixing in some off-piste with their piste skiing and showing them a great time. Good work Thomas! I spent the afternoon skiing with Millie and Katie and we had some lovely skiing in between the odd tantrum. Gill wanted to come but didn’t want to risk her back so she sat in the sun instead. It’s been tough on her as she hasn’t skied in three-weeks now! It clouded over around 5PM but a partly sunny start to the day is forecast for tomorrow, so hopefully it will freeze tonight.

Sports Report- The Hammers made my wonderful day perfect with a hard-fought 1-0 win over a good Sunderland side at Upton Park. With Burnley upsetting Hull away West Ham’s chances of survival have been given a massive boost. Thank-you boys! And on the golf front it’s nail-biting at Augusta as Lee and Ian have a great chance of winning the Masters. (I’d prefer to see Westwood win but anyone but Tiger would do. You don’t think the big fella could possibly have forgiven him already do you?)

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