The coveted 'double'!

11 April 2010

With clouds covering the sky off-and-on during the night the re-freeze was much lighter than the previous two evenings. Fortunately there was a misty cloud cover first thing this morning that slowed down the thawing process giving us some extra time to get to the spring slopes before ‘meltdown’. I decided to try to take advantage of the early cloud cover by ’skinning’ up to the Crete du Genepy and then continue on to Mont Roup. There was a mist that made navigating potentially tricky but it was moving in-and-out and forecast to clear and by the time we arrived near the top the skies had cleared. Tony W, Richard, Jean, and I enjoyed perfect spring snow and had a great ski down to where we’d put our ’skins’ back on to climb Mont Roup. It was heating up quickly and after a 25-minute walk we started off immediately after packing our gear away as we didn’t really have any time to lose. We traversed back to where Henry and I skied yesterday and arrived just in time to ski wonderful snow for the top-half and as we descended the bottom section was getting fragile. Tony and Richard did the business and skied it gently enough to stay on top. Bravo boys as fragile spring is a wonderful educator! (For Jean it wasn’t a problem as he’s had experience in fragile snow and isn’t an aggressive skier) Maurice-the-fox was waiting again at the bottom and sugared-off when presented with a delicious looking baguette. He’s going to get fat at this rate! We should have stopped after Mont Roup as superb is difficult to follow up but we tried a Col du Madeleine, which was on the firm side and not as smooth as I would have liked. (We did however follow that up with a good blast down the Solaise piste to finish.) Thomas skied with the Parker clan and started off with the bowl off the Fresse, then into the Charvet, followed by the Cugnai. (Thomas and I were the only ones working on a very quiet day.) Another big thank-you to Stephen and Kaye who took Millie and Katie out skiing all day long again, including lunch. The girls adore them and have really enjoyed their two days together. Jean had a lovely surprise visit from his daughter Catherine this afternoon. She had been in Val d’Isere with the Club Alpin Francais this past week touring to the Col des Fours, the Mean Martin, and the Pointe de la Sana to name a few. Jean was extremely happy to see her and hopes that she comes and skis with him in the future. I’m off tomorrow for my first full-day off of the season, which just happens to be my lovely wife Gill’s birthday. Yahoo! Millie won Gill the Chevallot Birthday Cake on Radio Val this morning so we’ll be enjoying that tomorrow. Chris is back in business tomorrow after a couple of days off and it’s snowing beautifully at the moment show he should have some great skiing tomorrow. Good luck Lee Westwood and well done Pompey!

PS. Happy Birthday Becky!

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