A fabulous Birthday ski for Gill!

12 April 2010

It was Gill’s birthday today so I took the day off and had a wonderful ski with the girls, including Gill who skied for the first time in three-weeks. She couldn’t resist as ten to fifteen cm’s of fresh snow fell overnight and the morning dawned sunnier than expected, so after a Chevallot breakfast off we went. After arriving at the top of the Funival Katie shot off the edge of the piste yelling, “I’m off to ski the powder Daddy”. That set the tone so the Watson family skied the Jardin de Borsat Nord twice, leaving perfect ‘Alpine’ tracks and Gill and I were truly amazed. (She hasn’t seen the girls ski for three-weeks and couldn’t believe their progress) Jean has kindly posted our photos on his link so do have a look. Thanks Jean! We ran into Tansy who had Ness along in her group and they were skiing some powder turns as well. Elsewhere, Thomas and Chris were up at the Fornet and the trick today was to find smooth snow under the fresh snow otherwise you’d be jarred by the frozen tracks underneath. They did their best and had some nice skiing for the most part. Bravo boys! Meanwhile Andreas was warming up for the Val d’Isere Open with a round of golf down the valley after staying up half the night watching the final round of the Masters. It stayed sunny for the afternoon but it looks like we may get a few more centimetres tonight with some very light snow off-and-on tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Sports Report- Lee ran out of gas but what a great four-rounds he put in. He’s getting closer and hopefully he can win a Major this year before he gets the dreaded Montgomerie-Syndrome. And well done Pompey for knocking off Tottenham while Blackburn certainly spiced up the race to the wire with a goal-less draw again Man U yesterday.

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