A great morning of 'clean' spring!

13 April 2010

After yesterday we all knew that a smooth surface was imperative and the ‘cleanest’ snow about is in Tignes, so the team all headed that way. Henry and Chris skied a good Lavachet en-route while Andreas, Thomas and I skied some nice powder in the Borsat before bussing the rest of the way to the Palafour. It snowed much less in Tignes and instead of skiing 10cm’s of fresh snow in the Sachette it was excellent spring snow all the way for the rest of the morning. There was early cloud cover and a cool breeze, both of which slowed down the melting process so after a great Sachette we had options we wouldn’t normally have at this time of year. Andreas returned to the summit of the Aiguille Percee to ski the impressive ‘Toothy Rock’, with his so-called initiation team of Stephen and his sister Caroline. It was Stephen’s 50th and Caroline brought him along for his present. Well done you two! Meanwhile Henry, Chris and I skied first Par-avalanche, which was superb and we all finished up with the Familial. I skied with Jane and Jumbo’s sons Angus and Stuart this afternoon (12 and 9 years-of-age) and we had a wonderful time leaving great ‘Alpine’ tracks in the Lower Borsat and the Cairn. (Don’t tell the health visitor) I then visited Pav and his wife Abigail in the Perdrix, along with John E, Jane and Angus, and it was great so see then both again. Thanks to Jonathan for baby-sitting the girls last night so Gill and I could drink too much at Gill’s birthday dinner at Kiera’s, and thank-you Kiera for a great evening!
Snow was forecast this afternoon but very little fell and I’ve the feeling we’ll see the sun again tomorrow morning, meaning we’ll be searching for spring snow.

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