A lovely combination of spring and powder!

14 April 2010

It was very cold last night giving us an excellent freeze and we awoke to another beautiful sunny day. After testing the snow off the Verte I decided to go high and north and look for a morning of powder skiing. On the shoulder of the Borsat we skied some nice winter snow, which confirmed that above that altitude on due north slopes the snow would still be cold and powdery. Off the Leisse we skied some good spring snow before heading out to the Rosolin to ski a lovely 85-turn pitch in good powder before ‘skinning’ out for 10-minutes-or-so. We then skied another run in excellent spring snow off the Leisse en-route to ‘skinning’ up under the Borsat West where we skied some great powder on the most northern expositions. (Jean captured the morning beautifully on his link) Meanwhile Chris ‘skinned’ to 10-minutes up the Crete du Genepy to access some perfect spring snow en-route to ‘skinning’ up Mont Roup, where he joined Andreas. They then traversed way-out left and had a wonderful run on the steep slopes. They ran into Maurice (the fox) at the bottom and Maurice will be in for a shock when the lifts close and his free lunches come to an abrupt end. Speaking of foxes, my team spotted a beautiful fox with a red coat sitting patiently above a Marmottes den while we were riding Les Tufs chairlift. I’ve never seen so many foxes as in the past couple of weeks. I skied my last afternoon with Millie and Katie for this season as Gill and the girls are returning to England tomorrow afternoon. We had a great time and for the first-time in 25-years or so I returned to the Piste Perdue (everyone tells me it’s fantastic for kids) and what an adventure it turned out to be! I had no idea how narrow it was in places and we needed to take off our skis and scramble through rocks. I nice French bloke on a board took Katie on his lap and shuffled down on his bum. (Jean’s link) He smelt as if he’d had a good lunch but he seemed pretty confident and I had my hands full as it was so I left him to it. Anyway, we made it down and went back up the Funival for the girls first-ever run in the Snow-park. What an afternoon! Stephen and Kaye are taking them out tomorrow morning while Gill packs and they’re really looking forward to that. A sunny morning is forecast before clouds move in during the afternoon bringing a chance of snow tomorrow night.

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