A fantastic Glacier Pers but worried about tonight's flight!

15 April 2010

After skiing lovely powder yesterday around the Motte it was game on for powder again today. Andreas, Chris, and I ‘skinned’ to the Glacier Pers and skied great snow all the way to the cut-out area. We then skied the funky exit above the gorge, which is always atmospheric and today we had some spring and a few soft-snow turns on the way out, and a couple of Perdrix flew up in front of us, which is always a nice bonus. Thomas ‘skinned’ to the Crete du Genepy with Adam P’s family and had some excellent spring snow, while Henry spent the night at the Refuge des Fours with a group of army blokes. The volcanic eruption is playing havoc with the air-travel and at this moment I’m not sure whether I’m driving the girls to Lyon or not this afternoon. Many people’s flights have already been cancelled and unfortunately I don’t think Richard H is going to get here for his 60th birthday ski. At the moment we’re just keeping an eye on the web to follow what’s happening. Thank-you Kaye and Stephen for giving up your morning off-piste to ski with Millie and Katie, on what was supposed to be their last day. They really enjoyed it and will miss you. I’m not too sure about tomorrow’s weather but stay tuned!

Update- The girls flight was cancelled so we invited ourselves to John and Margaret’s for drinks before having dinner at the Perdrix, where we ran into Jumbo, Jane, Angus, and Stuart, as well as Simon and his family and Teady and co. It was a cracking good evening although the girls were mentally prepared to be visiting Nana and Grandpa Fred.

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