Driven by guilt!

16 April 2010

I felt incredibly guilty yesterday while skiing fantastic snow in the Glacier Pers because Stephen and Kaye had never been there before and they’d forfeited their morning to take Millie and Katie skiing. To make up for it we returned this morning and had another outstanding ski in fabulous snow. (Great photos Jean!) A few centimetres of fresh snow fell overnight, which improved the gentler slopes and we skied quite low before cutting-out and ‘skinning’ back to le Grand Torsai. I had Roger skiing with me and the last time I saw him was 28-years ago when he used to work here. I sold him a pair of stunning Blizzard-Team skis, which he bent in the Solaise bumps on day-three and we joked about whether I‘d sold them to him already bent or not. Chris’ team also skied the Glacier Pers with his team of Simon, Louis, Adrian and Bruce L, who we haven’t seen in twenty-years when he last skied with TJ. Andreas had a great morning starting off with an excellent Crete du Genepy. Philip N was aboard and Andreas missed skiing with his sons Alex and Henry, even if they call him gay for using tinted sun cream. Adam P came into the shop and said what a wonderful time his family has had skiing with Thomas during the past two-weeks. Thomas had them on ‘skins’ and spent a good deal of time off-piste with them and Adam was very grateful. Well done Thomas! I saw Tansy with Ness this afternoon and she was having a great time and Andreas has the morning off tomorrow to spend time with his Dad and Aunt who are here visiting. Thanks to Jonathan, Stephen and Kaye for taking the girls swimming this afternoon. (Yes, they are still here and hopefully will make it out next Wednesday) It looked as though light snow fell at the Fornet all afternoon and sunshine is forecast for tomorrow morning. Sounds good!

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