A lovely day of rest!

19 April 2010

The skies cleared overnight giving us a good freeze and a beautifully sunny day today. Chris and I headed up to the Fornet Glacier via a nice warm-up off the Laisinant and Pyramides and had excellent skiing. We went way-out in the Pays Desert, which had ten centimetres of powder on a smooth base up high, followed by lovely spring snow the rest of the way. From there we went over the Col Pers and traversed out right and skied 15 to 20cm’s on the steeper sections before skiing 5cm’s with support on the lower sections. All in all it was another great result and we were surprised at how few people went over the Col. The place is like a ghost town at the moment and a real pleasure! After walking five-days-in-a-row it was nice to have an easy ski today with great snow and very little hiking. Meanwhile Henry and Andreas returned to the 3500 off the Motte and had a wonderful ski with impressive ambience. I could hear Henry over the radio saying, “Look out, falling rock, sorry!” Andreas had lunch with his family at Solaise so all must have gone well with Henry missing with his missile. Gill skied the afternoon with Millie while I relaxed and tidied the terrace with Katie. The girls are now thinking of driving back if there flight doesn’t go Wednesday night. Another sunny day is forecast for tomorrow and come on you Hammers tonight against Liverpool!

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