A hike out on the 'summer path'!

21 April 2010

After a good freeze the sun was shining again this morning and the weather these past few days has been stunning. Andreas, Chris and I all headed to the Fornet for the last of the powder as after today’s heat the only powder left will be at altitude on steep northern slopes. We all ‘skinned’ to the Glacier Pers and skied some powder up top before needing to change exposition for some lovely spring snow. Chris and I skied down to the refuge then hiked out through the gorge on the ‘summer path’, while Andreas took the regular route over the Grand Torsai then went back up to ski the Vallonnet, where he had a few powder turns at the top. We missed Jean today and we’ll certainly miss his photos, but it looks like he’ll be able to make it to Egypt for his diving holiday at the weekend. Speaking of flying, it also looks good (fingers crossed) for the girls flight back to England tonight, which is a huge relief as Gill isn’t looking forward to the alternative, which is driving back alone with the girls. Come on Easy-Jet! More sun is forecast for tomorrow and we’ll be searching for spring snow in the morning. Stay tuned! Must go and get ready to go to Lyon. (I thought ‘skinning’ and hiking the ‘summer path’ was a good easy day before six-hours in the car and returning after midnight. What an idiot!)

PS. Well done Rupert for skiing so positively on your first morning of the season. Rupert’s first turns were in the last of the powder after a ‘skin’. Bravo!

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