Perfect spring!

22 April 2010

Chris and I were the only ones working today as the season is seriously winding down. It froze again last night and with the sun shining we searched out some stunning spring snow. Chris chose Mont Roup had enjoyed a superb run way-out skiers-left on the big slopes and ran into Maurice-the-fox at the bottom. From there they stopped for a drink before skiing the ‘L’ en-route to the Grand Vallon, where they had some great skiing out-right on the shoulder. I started off with some lovely snow in the Fresse bowl before ‘skinning’ up to the Crete du Genepy, which was perfect. The snow was holding up well so we skied the steepest pitch above the pond, which had great ambience as you couldn’t see the bottom from the top as it rolled away. The team of Margaret, Rupert, Jonathan, Harry, and Blue all did the business in a no-fall zone. Merci! From there we took a chance on the Cugnai hoping to find some decently clean snow and it was excellent for the most part and a good result. The forecast is for clouds moving in this afternoon giving us a couple of iffy days without good freezes and if we’re lucky we’ll get a little snow at altitude to make life easier. Flat-light isn’t very appealing after such good weather, especially if we’re not rewarded with a fresh canvas. Gill and the girls made it back to England last night and the plane was only half-full, which was surprising with all the stories of people being stranded. Anyway, bravo Easy-Jet! (I must say it’s jolly quiet around the apartment today!) Log-on tomorrow for more news as Chris and I are back in action.

PS. I’m missing logging-on to Jean’s link to the photos-of-the-day, which greatly enhanced the Diary during the season. Thanks again Jean!

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