A massive Hammers win to top off a wonderful day!

24 April 2010

We had much better conditions today after a light freeze and yesterday’s greyness was replaced with sunshine. Chris and I headed up to the Fornet and had great skiing with a lovely Pays Desert out-wide on clean supporting snow. In places there was a centimetre or two on top and in others it was just good smooth spring snow. From there we went over the Col Pers and traversed out-wide to the right to ski excellent spring snow all the way down to the Grand Torsai. The freeze was starting to go and ‘melt-down’ wasn’t too far away so we took the non-touristy route and found support where it had been wind compressed then at the bottom where it had been compacted by skiers over the past few days. We called it a day at 12:15 and I went for a cracking good lunch at the Brussels with Blue, Nina, and Jonathan, while Chris and co. went for dandy-lion salad at the Fornet. Meanwhile Andreas started off heading towards the Col de la Balme de l’Ours but backtracked because of the weak support and came up to the Glacier as well. I know he skied the Pays Desert but I’m not too sure what he skied after that. Thank you Thomas and Muriel for organizing an excellent drinks party at Jean Sport last night. Rob C and Henry and Ginny came along to join the Jean Sports team. I’m now hanging on by my fingertips as West Ham have just taken a 3-2 lead late on against Wigan. Hang in there boys! Tomorrow’s forecast doesn’t look great with warm overnight temperatures and grey skies in the morning, but I’m not too worried as we all have the morning off tomorrow.

Sports Report- The Hammers produced a wonderful result today by beating Wigan 3-2, and combined with Hull losing West Ham have virtually secured their Premiership status and can now only be relegated if Burnley were to win their remaining three games with the Hammers losing theirs. Brilliant and well done Zola! Man U are keeping it interesting with a great win over Tottenham and Chelsea will be feeling the heat. I’ve been reading the Andre Agassi autobiography, which is absolutely superb and a must for any tennis fan. Even if you don’t like sports you’ll enjoy this book, and if you’re already a fan of Agassi, you’ll love him even more.

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