I missed it this morning!

25 April 2010

It was a lovely sunny day again, which was a lovely surprise as the forecast wasn’t great. Today is the first day all season that I haven’t skied, and for just a moment this morning I missed it. I phoned Chris and if he’d had a colder temperature reading I was going to suggest a ‘skin’, but we decided to leave it for a day and get some paperwork, packing, and that sort of thing done. The next few days should be decent weather-wise, meaning some sun in the mornings, but the really important factor now is how cold it gets during the night. A good re-freeze means great skiing, while a minimal freeze means limited options and a short morning.

I’m waiting to hear how Blue got on with the auction for ‘Helping the Heroes’. He’s donated a sculpture and is hoping for a high bid. Well done Blue on a very generous gesture with your time! Check Blue’s website on www.blacksmithonline.co.uk

Sports Report- Andreas has the Val d’Isere Open tomorrow and he’ll be looking to get his hands on the Cup again, which will be difficult if a high-handicapper has a great day. It doesn’t leave Andreas with much room for error but good luck Andreas and don’t drink too much on the bus trip home! Dan S came third in his age category today in the local’s end off season ski race. Well done Dan! I’m hoping Liverpool can eliminate Burnley this afternoon with either a win or a draw, which would guarantee the Hammers survival. Come on you Reds! Burnley need to win all three of their remaining games against Liverpool, Tottenham and Birmingham, which is a big ask. I can’t see them doing it but the sooner they’re relegated the better! I finished the Agassi autobiography this morning and it brought tears to my eyes. (Mind you I blub pretty easily) It was a great read and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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