Bonne Appetite!

26 April 2010

Radio Val reported +6C at 8AM in the village so the options today were fairly limited. The sun was shining again, which buoys the spirits and Kaye, Stephen and I headed up to the Fornet for some lovely skiing. Fortunately there was a dusting of snow, which helped soften what would otherwise have beeen a very firm surface, and we had great spring snow out-wide in the Pays Desert. From there we skied over the Col Pers for more of the same and we made it down to the Grand Torsai as ‘melt-down’ wasn’t too far away. Between wind or ski compacted snow we made it down the bottom section without any problems and headed off for an excellent lunch of dandelion salad at Les Crozets. Mixed in were bacon bits, croutons, a fried egg and a beautiful dressing. We were lucky as you apparently need to reserve but we were there early and they took great care of us. Chris was busy doing paper work and feeling a little fragile after his drinks party, while Andreas was playing golf, and I’m not too sure what Thomas and Henry were doing. It looks like we’ll get another dusting tonight followed by another sunny morning tomorrow, and hopefully it will be cold enough for a decent freeze.

PS. There have been some big avalanches where the goblet that’s been laying underneath all season long has finally collapsed and the snow has slid right down to the ground. The Combe du Signal is a good example and it’s a wake-up call as the season isn’t over yet.

Sports Report- It was celebration time for West Ham fans as the last team mathematically able to catch us was soundly trounced and eliminated by Liverpool. Hopefully Zola will keep his job as he’s a class act and going to be a great manager.

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