Powder? What powder!

27 April 2010

Light rain fell all afternoon and into the night and Chris and I were excitedly expecting between 5 and 15cm’s of fresh snow at altitude, giving us powder snow and a fresh canvas. Chris stayed at home to finish up some paperwork but I could tell he really wanted to come while Kaye, Stephen and I headed to the Motte for altitude and a change of scenery. I was expecting a nice little cushion off the Verte but there wasn’t a flake to be found and the snow was already fragile at the altitude. We then took the chairlifts up to the Motte and it didn’t take long to realise our powder morning wasn’t going to happen. Instead we skied some lovely spring snow on the Rosolin before ’skinning’ out followed by some good snow towards the ‘Wall’. After that we had an excellent technique session, which I haven’t done during a morning for years, and we ended up finishing around 1:30 at the Trifollet, where we had a lovely lunch. Thanks Stephen! I radioed Chris at 1:20 on the way to lunch and said that we were just finishing. His response was, “How much did you have up there”? You could tell he thought we’d finished late because we been skiing powder and he was feeling bad about missing it due to paperwork. He felt better when I reported, “Not even a centimetre”! Anyway, it wasn’t the morning we were expecting but we had a great time and used the morning positively. A better freeze is forecast for tonight followed by a sunny day tomorrow, so I’m not expecting another technique session in the morning.

PS. Good luck Ray on your operation today. We wish you a full and speedy recovery!

Sports Report- Andreas had a great time playing golf yesterday and peaked early on the booze-front, allowing him to get home by 9:30PM. He played well (best score over-all) and ended up four-over-par, but was piped for the trophy by a 13-handicapper who played to seven-over. I’m feeling relieved about the Hammers staying up and I’m really looking forward to the new owners putting their money where their mouths are and seeing some good new players arrive, while keeping hold of our best players. Hopefully Zola will be given another chance as well. I’m having an early night in front of the TV watching Lyon vs. Bayern Munich. Bliss!

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