Truly wonderful!

28 April 2010

For the first time in a few nights we had a good re-freeze, which allowed us to enjoy an outstanding morning of spring snow. Stephen, Kaye, and I ‘skinned’ up the Crete du Genepy and had sublime snow top-to-bottom. From there we headed to the Fornet via up-and-over chair and skied some lovely bonus turns down to the Col Poma, then at 12:15 we skied an excellent Col Pers to finish. It held up nicely to the bottom and from our funky escape above the gorge we could see Chris and Suzanne walking out on the summer path. They’d ‘skinned’ up towards the Gros Caval and had a great ski down to the refuge. Meanwhile, Andreas ‘skinned’ to the Col des Fours with Jamie (who takes photos and runs Henry’s beep searches) and they had a fantastic morning as well. The road down from the Pont St. Charles is lacking snow now and with each day the walk gets a little longer, and getting out of the Charvet isn‘t getting any easier either. (Between the lines it reads we’re working for our turns at the bottom of the mountain) There are some huge avalanches about, right down to the ground that really make you sit up and take notice. A second slide has gone in the Combe du Signal, and although it is nowhere as big as 18-years ago when the entire bowl went during the night, it’s impressive nonetheless. Hopefully we’ll get a freeze tonight although it’s forecast to be a light freeze at best. Anyway, today was stunning and after a dandelion salad and a bottle of Rose at Les Crozets, it would have been a good day to finish on. Fingers crossed for more of the same these next few days!

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