An unexpected tour of Tignes!

29 April 2010

We were not only lucky enough to get a better freeze than forecast but also another beautiful sunny day. Stephen fancied a change of pace in Tignes so he, Kaye and I did a u-turn and had a cracking good morning. We skied a nice shoulder on the Borsat en-route to the Chardonnet and from there the couloir just before the Sachette, which was excellent. I decided to give the Familial a miss and instead we skied the Spatule to finish before having a beer at Chez-Gus. Meanwhile Chris and Suzanne had a fantastic time skiing the Col du Montet and they rewarded themselves with a dandelion salad at Les Crozets. (I must say these salads are a gastronomic delight and shouldn’t be missed. Sheer delight!) Fortunately they’ve laid on some buses, which makes life much easier after walking out on the summer path, or just getting down from the Col Pers for that matter. Andreas skied with Tansy and they skied Tansy’s first Col Pers for several years, which she loved. (We sometimes take for granted the stunning scenery over the Col.) They then skied the Pays Desert with great spring snow before having lunch at the Edelweiss. Nice! I spent the afternoon packing, doing paperwork, banking and generally trying to tidy-up my life here before returning to my other life. I’m slowly getting there! The forecast for tomorrow isn’t great but I’ve a feeling that it will freeze tonight and we’ll see some sun in the morning. Fingers crossed as the forecast is for grey skies and warm temperatures. (It was 20C in front of Radio Val at 6PM)

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