Better than expected!

01 May 2010

It was much brighter than expected this morning but it didn’t freeze so we needed to stay as high as possible. Chris skied up at the Fornet with Richard H, as well as Dan and Denise and they skied a lovely Pays Desert with a couple of centimetres on top. Meanwhile, Andreas and I headed to Tignes and had some great piste skiing en-route to the Motte where Andreas ‘skinned’ to the Little Borsat West then skied the ‘Wall’, followed by the Cairn. My team skied the top of the Cairn, followed by the Vallon des Leisse from the cable car, then the Rosolin before ’skinning’ out and skiing across the glacier towards the ‘Wall’, then another Cairn to finish. It was a better day than expected and it’s hard to believe after all these mornings that tomorrow is the last. Time does fly by when you’re enjoying yourself! We may see a few centimetres of snow tonight, which would help, but some decent visibility would be nice as well. I’m leaving right after skiing tomorrow and driving through the night to arrive back for the girls bank holiday on Monday, so there may not be an update for a day or two.

PS. I just had a superb meal in the Perdrix with Stephen and Kaye and as we were leaving Derek and Colin’s team of Paul W, Peter, Peter C, and Cormac arrived, with poor Andreas. Andreas looked absolutely dazed and I’m sure he’s about to experience what I did at the hands of Blue a couple of years ago when I needed to take two days off and I’ve been booze-shy ever since. Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing them all in the morning as they are on a serious roll. Poor Andreas as these guys are pros! And come on you Hammers as a win tomorrow would take us to the heady heights of 14th place!

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