Back safe and sound!

03 May 2010

We finished off the season on Sunday with some pretty good skiing, especially considering the conditions. It was grey and wet with flat-light, and I was very impressed that everyone showed up, with some more ready to go than others. Penny Richard H, and Richard F were there, and amazingly Paul, Peter, Derek, and Colin all made a massive effort after a huge session that started around noon and went on until the wee hours of the morning. (Andreas’ team didn’t make it as they took a knock-out blow and stayed in bed.) Anyway, we skied some piste on the way to the Motte and had a good run on-piste from the top of the cable-car, followed by some good snow off the Rosolin, then a very good Cairn, and more piste to finish. I then jumped in the car and made it to Calais in about 9-and-a-half hours and caught a earlier ferry, which saved me about 3-hours. I arrived around 2AM and had cuddles with the girls who awoke when I arrived. I’m a little dazed at the moment so I’ll update again in a day or so when I’ve settled back in. It was however, another fabulous season and we’d like to thank you all for your faithful support during tough times. Hopefully the pound will strengthen somewhat and make it easier for you all next season. Have a great summer and stay tuned for more news soon.

PS. Thanks Chris for updating over the past couple of days.

A day too late but for those who are fortunate to ski in Tignes today are having a superb day with a fresh cover of new snow and cold conditions. 3F this morning in Val d’Isere. Take a look at Tignes snow cams ! Now for the good news and that is the season will go to May the 8th 2011!
Havn’t heard from Wayne yet but I guess with a long morning skiing yesterday and then a very long drive back to the UK requires a super human effort.
A bientot from Val d’Isere

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