Congratulations Adrian!

04 May 2010

I’m settling into my other life and have already cut the grass, been to the dump and gone for a ‘bluebell’ walk with Gill. The girls are back in school and their teachers are very pleased with the way that they have both slotted right back in without missing a beat. Bravo girls! I’m back on the school run routine, about to get started on the flower garden and vegetable patch, thinking about phoning my Pilates clients to get started on the 13th, and getting ready to start training again. The best bit however, is that I’m joining the golf club tomorrow with the aim of playing a couple of times a week (or more) and trying to turn myself into a decent player. Gill’s back is much better although it still feels weak and delicate, which makes her nervous. She’s seeing Jane I about it tomorrow and then will decide about what to do next. I’m going to stop by and see how Ray is tomorrow after golf and as far as I know he’s fine and hasn’t been too uncomfortable. Congratulation to Adrian H and Charlotte on their marriage last Saturday. We all wish them the very best! It’s jolly cold here at the moment and hopefully it will warm up again soon as I’m wearing shorts and don’t want to put long trousers back on until November!

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