I'm ready for your booking!

14 July 2010

I hope you’re all enjoying the summer but now that Wimbledon and the World Cup are over it won’t be long until we all start to think about winter again. I’ve taken a few bookings already so the new planning sheets have been printed and I’m ready to reserve your skiing.

We’ve had a great summer so far with a few weekends away, a trip to the beach, regular BBQ’s, biking and hiking and generally spending as much time outdoors as possible. Millie has started tennis lessons while I’ve signed up for 12-golf lessons with video to re-build my swing (not a pretty sight at the moment but heading in the right direction). The only downside to our summer so far has been Gill’s back, which she re-injured again in early May. She’s having physio on it and starting some Pilates so hopefully we can get her fit again soon.

I saw Andreas in Val d’Isere July 6th as our apartment was flooded from above and I had a meeting with the insurance people about getting it sorted. Andreas is kindly helping me out and has organized Andy S to do the work for me. Chez-Ray was totally ruined with water damage and will need a new floor, new ceiling and news walls. What a bummer after all the work we put into it! Still, it could have been worse and thank goodness it happened in May and not in October when there wouldn’t have been time to sort it out before winter.

We visited with Dave S, Suzie and Ben during our weekend to the Stevenson’s in Derbyshire, and the Stockill’s are on good form. Dave is back to work and is racing his bike again, Suzie looked great and young Ben is really growing up and is quite a character. He had a wonderful time swimming with Millie and Katie and enjoyed hitting a few tennis balls as well. The Stockill’s will be back skiing again this winter at Christmas and are looking forward to seeing you all then.

It was Millie’s 7th birthday last weekend and we had a superb time starting with ‘The Sound of Music’, starring Connie F at the Woking Theatre. Both the girls loved it and it really was excellent. We then went to a friend’s 40th on the Saturday, which was outdoors with loads of other children. On the Sunday we started Millie’s birthday with a birthday breakfast outdoors at Nana and Grandpa Fred’s, followed by Nannie McPhee (brilliant) at the cinema before a pizza lunch out, then a trip to the park so Millie could try out her new in-line skates, then a fantastic BBQ before the World Cup Final. What a weekend!

Have a great time until next season and feel free to get in touch if you’d like to book or have some news.

PS. And Happy Birthday to Red Ray and Dave Downing!

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