What a start!

22 July 2010

I had a wonderful day yesterday playing in my Golf Club’s Senior Championship. (Being called a ‘senior’ at 55-years-of-age is cruel, but the golf world calls 50 plus a ‘senior’). My day started with a total shocker as I dribbled my opening tee-shot about 15-feet down the steps past the very surprised starter, who had thought she’d already witnessed just about everything possible, where it rested up against the post of the ball-washer. As you can imagine I was incredibly embarrassed and thinking “how the —— did I managed that” and what a long day I might be in for. My playing partners were brilliant as they didn’t laugh too loud but they were extremely pleased it was me and not them. I was shaky for the rest of the hole but managed to sink a 6-foot double-bogey putt to avoid an ugly 7 and possible meltdown.

Meanwhile one of my partners who at 70 years-of-age, was playing a ‘blinder’ and started out par, par, par, birdie so he lifted my gloom and we got behind him trying to cheer him on to victory. Unfortunately as 20-handicappers do, he imploded on the 5th taking a triple-bogey. Still, he bounced back to par the next couple of holes and it was really enjoyable watching him play the best round of his life. He had three bad holes or he would have won the nett competition but he did end up with the runner-up trophy!

I’ve been taking lessons with video analysis for the past month and really enjoying it but trying a ‘new’ swing in a competitive environment can be tricky, as demonstrated off the first tee. But after a ‘start from hell’ I finally started to hit some solid shots around the 6th hole and ended up in the thick of things by the end, just missing out winning the gross by a couple of shots. Millie and Katie were well impressed however, when I returned home with a little trophy for the best gross score on the back-nine. All in all it was a fantastic day out and I’m looking forward to the next one!

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